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Detailed documentation on the NATS JetStream component

Component format

To setup JetStream pubsub create a component of type pubsub.jetstream. See this guide on how to create and apply a pubsub configuration.

kind: Component
  name: jetstream-pubsub
  type: pubsub.jetstream
  version: v1
  - name: natsURL
    value: "nats://localhost:4222"
  - name: jwt # Optional. Used for decentralized JWT authentication.
    value: "eyJhbGciOiJ...6yJV_adQssw5c"
  - name: seedKey # Optional. Used for decentralized JWT authentication.
    value: "SUACS34K232O...5Z3POU7BNIL4Y"
  - name: tls_client_cert # Optional. Used for TLS Client authentication.
    value: "/path/to/tls.crt"
  - name: tls_client_key # Optional. Used for TLS Client authentication.
    value: "/path/to/tls.key"
  - name: token # Optional. Used for token based authentication.
    value: "my-token"
  - name: name
    value: "my-conn-name"
  - name: streamName
    value: "my-stream"
  - name: durableName 
    value: "my-durable"
  - name: queueGroupName
    value: "my-queue"
  - name: startSequence
    value: 1
  - name: startTime # In Unix format
    value: 1630349391
  - name: flowControl
    value: false
  - name: ackWait
    value: 10s
  - name: maxDeliver
    value: 5
  - name: backOff
    value: "50ms, 1s, 10s"
  - name: maxAckPending
    value: 5000
  - name: replicas
    value: 1
  - name: memoryStorage
    value: false
  - name: rateLimit
    value: 1024
  - name: heartbeat
    value: 15s
  - name: ackPolicy
    value: explicit
  - name: deliverPolicy
    value: all
  - name: domain
    value: hub
  - name: apiPrefix
    value: PREFIX

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Details Example
natsURL Y NATS server address URL "nats://localhost:4222"
jwt N NATS decentralized authentication JWT "eyJhbGciOiJ...6yJV_adQssw5c"
seedKey N NATS decentralized authentication seed key "SUACS34K232O...5Z3POU7BNIL4Y"
tls_client_cert N NATS TLS Client Authentication Certificate "/path/to/tls.crt"
tls_client_key N NATS TLS Client Authentication Key "/path/to/tls.key"
token N NATS token based authentication "my-token"
name N NATS connection name "my-conn-name"
streamName N Name of the JetStream Stream to bind to "my-stream"
durableName N Durable name "my-durable"
queueGroupName N Queue group name "my-queue"
startSequence N Start Sequence 1
startTime N Start Time in Unix format 1630349391
flowControl N Flow Control true
ackWait N Ack Wait 10s
maxDeliver N Max Deliver 15
backOff N BackOff "50ms, 1s, 5s, 10s"
maxAckPending N Max Ack Pending 5000
replicas N Replicas 3
memoryStorage N Memory Storage false
rateLimit N Rate Limit 1024
heartbeat N Heartbeat 10s
ackPolicy N Ack Policy explicit
deliverPolicy N One of: all, last, new, sequence, time all
domain N [JetStream Leafondes] HUB
apiPrefix N [JetStream Leafnodes] PREFIX

Create a NATS server

You can run a NATS Server with JetStream enabled locally using Docker:

docker run -d -p 4222:4222 nats:latest -js

You can then interact with the server using the client port: localhost:4222.

Install NATS JetStream on Kubernetes by using the helm:

helm repo add nats
helm install --set nats.jetstream.enabled=true my-nats nats/nats

This installs a single NATS server into the default namespace. To interact with NATS, find the service with:

kubectl get svc my-nats

For more information on helm chart settings, see the Helm chart documentation.

Create JetStream

It is essential to create a NATS JetStream for a specific subject. For example, for a NATS server running locally use:

nats -s localhost:4222 stream add myStream --subjects mySubject

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